Old-School Bar Darts – Mike’s Tavern 54th & Troost


First off, no clue what the difference between old and new school darts are. Let’s face it, compared to Nintendo Wii and Modern Warfare 8 or whatever, all darts are old school. Right?

The bartender at Mike’s Tavern on 54th and Troost made a point to clarify it was a “real board” with “steel-tipped darts”. Real tangible objects to hold and throw! Such an adrenaline rush.

Somehow I beat my pops who lived out his 20’s between 1969 and 1978 which means he automatically is a semi-pro at such things as darts, pool, and also bowling.


4 thoughts on “Old-School Bar Darts – Mike’s Tavern 54th & Troost

  1. Had my darts in the car. Should have joined you. Kelly, problem is you let the kid keep score and he didn’t have a clue. Never let a cramp keep you from beating me! Will, don’t give him a rematch. It was a hustle.

  2. I see the blog “theme” is Twenty Ten, what ever that means. I suggest it should be Ton Eighty

    In darts, a ton-eighty is a score of one hundred eighty. It is the highest possible score with three darts. Three tripple twenties. Kelly used to beat Robb and me both with just three darts. Sounds like Dad was sandbagging for the young lad if you ask me. I’ll pack my darts and we’ll get a chance to see who wins – – we’re due into town on the 20th, so will be calling you out during that week. Sharpen your tips, Mates.

    Robb: when are you leaving for HI?

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