This Street is Special


Our favorite street in “Historic Leawood District II” is called Sagamore. No idea what makes this area historic considering these houses were build in the 1950’s. Maybe a long time ago it was some Indian battle ground or part of the Santa Fe Trail.

ANYWAYS… Melissa took this picture one afternoon while walking the dog. We have found this is a great way to meet the neighbors who are working on their yards or outside tinkering.

It’s crazy how nice these lawns are. Every blade and leaf perfectly in place. The sad truth is if I was given $5,000 dollars I would spend it on the yard. As completely ridiculous that is to admit, a nice lawn is a freaking art form that beckons to be conquered!

Fun money would first go towards:
1. Yard
2. Backyard patio addition
3. Home music studio
4. New TV

Yard above TV. There goes the man card.


8 thoughts on “This Street is Special

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