Puppy Problems at the Park


The weather has been so nice that I decided to meet Melissa and Bonnie at a park for lunch. I took this picture while I was leaving the parking lot. Happy little pup.

Now here comes the rant…

We get there and sit down at a picnic table and peacefully begin to eat lunch. Besides the old dude slouched on a park bench near the children’s jungle gym shirtless, obese, and drenched with sweat, all was well.

Fast forward 3 minutes: a woman with a few kids shows up. By a few I mean 10. I think an entire 2nd grade class left school to come to this park. They sit right behind us and start screaming because Bonnie is licking their legs. More ladies and kids show up. They begin surrounding us completely. They are all afraid of Bonnie.

I should point out there are probably 6 other areas they could have chosen to sit. Another couple near us whose cute pup was playing with Bonnie was told by the moms they needed to tie up their dog. It was scaring the kids.

THEN GO TO ANOTHER TABLE! I was so annoyed by the ridiculousness that we got up and left. You’re a parent and your precious baby is scares of a 10 pound dog, then don’t run up to a table with a) people already there and, b) with dogs. I just don’t understand the thought process here. I guess that’s what happens when you have kids, right parents?


One thought on “Puppy Problems at the Park

  1. oh WOW!!!! Congratulations you guys!!! so, you’re in Korea now!! The best of luck to both you! It’s been cool reading your blog the last colupe of weeks, when you actually updated more regularly! hahathis is Hy again by the way. I will arrive in Seoul on Sept 4

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