Have Bad Allergies? Eat Bee Pollen!

Allergies. My mortal enemy. For 3 years while we lived in California they went into submission due to the mild beach climate and so my body told itself, “Welp, glad I can be done with THAT crap” and then made a fatal decision to stop any future attempt at immunity to things I’m allergic to (which I can either list out on a 400 page spreadsheet or sum up in a short phrase: anything living outside + cats).

So we move back to Kansas and literally within my first breath of midwestern air my immune system went into panic mode and cried out “ARE YOU KIDDING! NOT AGAIN!?!?” and then had a complete nuclear melt down. So here I am again, sneezing and wheezing like an idiot 24/7. For a full painted picture of an allergy attack read my old post here on Cat Allergies. It’s a funny one.

My current medicational regiment is as follows: Allegra at night, nose spray morning and night, prescription eye drops twice a day, weekly use of a freaking Nedi Pot (Lord help me), and now added to the mix: FRESH BEE POLLEN.

Yes, the disgusting sacks of pollen that collect on the legs of bees.

These sacks, or balls, drop off their legs when they fly into the hive and are collected in metal trays to then sell to disaster victims like myself for profit. You may have heard about the trick to eating local honey to build up your immunity, but this just seemed much more ridiculous and over the top.

Bee Pollen can be found at your local farmer’s market. The key here: it MUST be local.

So I sprinkle the pollen balls on yogurt and swallow them down. I am consciously ingesting my body’s worst enemy, spoonfuls of pure pollen, straight into the stomach and blood stream trusting things go well. I mean, is this normal?! What the hell do I have to lose? I’m already on my death-bed half the time as it is! Can’t get much worse…

So does it work? The answer is I’m not sure yet. I’ve done it only twice but I do feel like things have settled down a bit. I will log my findings as this could be a huge breakthrough for those that suffer along with me.



3 thoughts on “Have Bad Allergies? Eat Bee Pollen!

  1. Haha! Now that would be an interesting booth at the farmer’s market. If only I could find a way to harvest and collect the droppings. What’s the market value on something like that?

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