Wild Party at the Farmer’s Market!

The good ‘ol Farmer’s Market. For folks back in the 1800’s it was like going to a Vegas Nightclub. Pack together a few hundred people and some live music and for a simple-minded man you’ve got yourself a party! Call in all the chilluns, the hound dog Roger, and saddle up the horses. It’s gonna be a wild weekend…

After all, nothing screams excitement like fresh tomatoes, green beans, and hand-painted wooden cats that you can buy from a woman named Suzanne.

My favorite item though would have to be those honey sticks you can buy for a quarter each. Nothing will stretch your dollar further and if you have an oral fixation like I do, nothing beats gnawing on that plastic straw for a few hours after every drop of honey has been sucked out.

This was our first time to this farmer’s market. And all jokes aside it was a great time and we plan on going every Saturday mornin’ to get our fixins’ for the week.





One thought on “Wild Party at the Farmer’s Market!

  1. I’ve never heard of honey sticks! They sound delicious! Thank you for visiting my blog and for choosing to follow. Our lives here in Corwall are quite different from yours so it will be fun for me to follow your adventures too. 🙂

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