Barks and Blues

When the city of Prairie Village, KS throws a party called ‘Barks and Blues’, it’s a big deal.

This annual shin-dig features a local blues band and of course, dogs. Hundreds of them. And even more thrilling to experience? Their owners.

If you go thinking people will swoon over your foo-foo dog Checkers, you’re dead wrong. Because no matter how hard you try you will be out-done by these dog lovers. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, either. Let me share a few examples with you…

20120602-093342.jpgAnd this is why your dog Checkers is getting ignored. Meet Miss Sassy, she loves America. She is proudly owned by a man named Santa. Unfortunately you can’t see him in this picture. I’m talking Santa Clause…
20120602-093420.jpgWait, there are two?! Yep. And after making Santa stop to let me take pictures, we noticed Miss Sassy on the left never moved. Or opened her eyes. Or was really even breathing… There’s a good chance she has been dead for a few years actually. The sun glasses make you think she’s ready to party, but she’s not at all.

20120602-093528.jpgI thought this was a clever way to prove you can actually train ANY dog. I give two thumbs up for creativity.

20120602-093619.jpgNow we’re getting to some of the extreme. I’m glad I had a roll of quarters in my pocket for this one, although we saved quite a bit of money because ladies get free admission to the mouth of this sexy DOG.

We finally found some normal people. Oh wait that’s us. From left to right are our good friends from Colorado Stefanie and Kyle (with their dog Mason), and Melissa and myself with Bonnie.


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