‘Boys Weekend’ – A Rare Glimpse Inside

It’s called Fam-Damily Doin’s… and once a year the men in the family migrate like wild geese to the woods to spit and cuss. Tim, who we call ‘The Old Man’ (and who happens to be my Father-in-Law), has 20 acres outside of Lawrence, KS. It’s here our story unfolds in a series of rare photos giving forbidden outsiders (our wives) a once-in-a-lifetime look into the infamous ‘Boy’s Weekend’.20120610-192455.jpg

Friday’s hot sun finally giving us a break from the heat as darkness falls onto night #1. Porch overlooking the pond.

JT- “If it aint’ Green, it ain’t shit”. Referring to his throne atop the John Deere.

At the end of the dock is a rope that disappears into the murky abyss. Naturally, tied to the other end of the rope, is the deer skull of “El Grande”, the majestic remains of a deer so big the legend spans across years of camp fire stories. After last year’s hunting season, his spirit now occupies “The Black Pond”.

I popped a tire on the Jeep almost immediately after arriving. Sad excuse for an SUV…

Saturday At Lone Star lake tryin’ to find us some bass.

I was in the ‘Pro Boat’ with JT and Brad. Aside from Brad destroying a reel and me knotting up 30 feet of line, we did alright.

Our competition Tim and Derrick puttering around like a couple hicks trying to get in our heads about where the fish were biting.

Me with the big boy- 4.5 pound large mouth Bass I caught earning respect as the newcomer. JT was proud as hell. Glad we could nail this sucker.

Tim showing off his lures.

Back on land, it was time to heat up the smoker. Brad took charge of Operation Eat Meat.

Baby back ribs, dry-rubbed, all the sauce a man could want, and our official team mascot- Crown Royal Black. Cheers to a solid weekend boys.


7 thoughts on “‘Boys Weekend’ – A Rare Glimpse Inside

  1. So, this is a small world indeed. You came to my blog. My family is from the Joplin, Baxter Springs area of Kansas/Missouri. I don’t know exactly how far that is from where you speak about as my Dad came to Texas to go to college & we didn’t go back to the KS/MO area very often but I love your pictures & reading about the fun you are having & what you are doing. 🙂

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