Our Anniversary

Last night was our 2 year anniversary. We celebrated with food and drinks of course- here are some pics from the night.

We are holding a picture from last year’s date taken on Catalina Island in California. Every year we will hold up a picture from the last years’ anniversary, creating the illusion that we are holding up every single year moving forward. Does that make sense? I hope so.

20120613-215653.jpgBeautiful wife.


Eating at Il Centro, our favorite Italian place off of Main Street in Kansas City. Calamari, Caesar Salad, Walnut Chicken Pasta. And a bottle of wine.

Restaurant door. Amen.

Grand Finale: A stroll over to Ruth’s Chris for Crem Brulee. The best you’ll ever have– and it was on the house.


4 thoughts on “Our Anniversary

  1. Soaking Ruth’s Chris for a free dessert. Way to milk it! Happy Anniversary you two. I wish you many more like this. The infinite picture’s a great idea.

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