Every family has traditions, and one of our favorites is going out to eat down in the Crossroads district of KC to Lidia’s. That’s the same Lidia as ‘Lidia’s Italian Kitchen’- the little Italian women who putters around a steaming pot of pasta on public television.

This outing marks the homecoming of my Dad’s sister aka Aunt Billye, and her husband, Unka’ Jim. They are my self-proclaimed favorite Godparents (also my only). Unka’ Jim’s nick-name for me is Homie the Clown. Aunt Billye is the inventor of ‘tickies’- which are back scratches. Don’t Ask, just trust they are amazing.

These are the fine folks who come straight from the hills of Tennessee. If you’re from Kansas, you think they sound strange. To me it sounds like home.

These pictures were taken outside the restaurant. We had an amazing coursed meal, red and white wines, and italian cookies for desert. Outside of the restaurant is their fresh herb garden which made for some great photo opps.

The whole gang- Melissa, Dad, Mom, Unka’ Jim, Aunt Billye, and myself.

Melissa and Dad.

Not sure what’s happening here- case of the floating head! Dad being a weirdo…


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