A Coffee Shop in Sonoma, CA

One thing I love to try and do when visiting a new place, especially a place like the beautiful Sonoma Valley wine country, is to sit down and people watch. Maybe even eavesdrop a little. The best places to do this? A bar or coffee shop.

This morning, before the wedding of our good friends Kelly and Trevor, I’m at the Barking Dog Roasters just north of downtown called Boyes Hot Springs- sitting on a leather couch with a newspaper and coffee.

It’s neat to witness what’s obviously a small town feeling here in the shop.

I see a couple casually dressed business people in a corner, a bit more hardened locals with tattoos but friendly smiles, and some that clearly spend most days under the sun as farmhands or even owners of vineyards. You can tell by their dark weathered skin and straw hats.

More commonly perhaps are the tourists like myself- polo shirt with wives in a sun dress, ready to discover the beauty of this rich land.

With that I will put down the iPhone and meet some friends from Orange County while Melissa gets ready for the wedding. We are going wine tasting!




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