Photography of the River Market Antique Shop

It’s hard not to get nostalgic in an antique shop. I’ll find something interesting, say an old toy soldier for example sitting on a shelf. So I pick it up, examine his miniature gun and scarred metal body. I feel the weight of the iron, I even notice that musty metallic smell. Then I think about what kind of life this little man has endured… the children he belonged to, the houses he lived in and the places he has traveled over the last 70 some-odd years to end up on the shelf in front of me.

He has his own story that will be forever untold outside of someone’s own imagination or assumptions. I find that fascinating. Only the toy soldier knows the truth about the past.

That goes for everything in the store. Each and every item from a thimble to a set of golf clubs has passed through generations of people who were proud to say it was theirs (well, I assume were proud). Did these things just sit in a forgotten corner of the house like they do now in the store? Or did they somehow change the course of someone’s life entirely? Who knows.

With THAT said… here are some pics taken with the iPhone of some of those forgotten objects of our past.

Welcome to the River Market Antique Shop in Kansas City, MO.

River Market Antiques.

Old records.

Oil cans.

Why not?

Close-up of a rusted metal lawn chair. I like the colors and textures.

Even the building itself was an antique… light switches.

Price Tag.

Red Heels.

Typical find in an antique shop… just an old doll.

18 holes anyone?

The edge of an old wooden desk.

Did somebody say Hand Grenades? I thought the box had some character.


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