Road Trip to the Rocky Mountains


Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is more thrilling than blasting down I-70 West through central Kansas. Unless, or course, you are threading the eye of a severe thunderstorm.

Get a load of these pictures… this storm seemed to part a tiny hole through which the highway ran through. Only a few drops of rain even fell on the windshield (which would have helped to clean some bugs off, subsequently).
This was on our way to Denver from KC last weekend to visit our good friends Kyle and Stefanie before they move back to California.



70 W towards the mountains.



Me making faces at Melissa driving.

Road trippin’


One thought on “Road Trip to the Rocky Mountains

  1. Everyone disses The drive through Kansas but I love it. The western plains make the sky look amazing and the Flint Hills are there own gorgeous thing. Add a storm or high cumulonimbus and that’s the icing on the cake.
    Hey, by the way, you don’t look like your from Kansas!

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