Signs of Spring


Last Summer was miserably hot. I remember the weather guy saying Kansas City had 20 or more days with 100+ degree heat. It was also bone dry. No rain to give the parched earth any relief of the blazing sun.


Then, this past winter, three massive snow storms (in March) pounded the midwest, shutting the city down for days on end. Winter was bitter cold and simply refused to leave. Only until this past week did we see and feel the first signs of Spring. And oh how sweet it is!

Redbud and Bradford Pear trees, which I thought might have actually died from the harsh Summer have begun to bud leaves, unfurling from their tiny housing to soak in the Spring sun.

Even Melissa’s small herb garden, planted in a large pot on the deck, showed signs of life. We peeled off a top layer of dead leaves and sticks to reveal green sprouts of lemon thyme, rosemary, mint, basil, and oregano. Even in their infancy, the little shoots and tiny leaves smelled wonderfully of their distinct scents.




3 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

    • Good idea buy one of each- they will just take the clothes off ayanwy, order from Lakeshore- then each of the dolls will be physically correct. They won’t even notice until about 3.5 years old.

  1. This is for Danny’s grandmother:Yes. Dressing up is more an urban thing. When I moved to a rural area in Oregon I loved trfiht store shopping and had some lovely dresses and things. But not too useful for feeding chickens or pulling weeds.After living in jeans and sweaters for many years my woman friends and I decided that at least one day a week we’d put on a dress and get together for wine. This has been a tradition for about 6 years now, and has expanded to include Significant Others. Not that we all dress up every friday any more, but at least some of us, some of the time. I agree it makes me feel young and hopeful.

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