Blogs I Recommend

Here is a growing list of blogs I recommend you read. To make this list is no easy task… because the blogs here force me to think different, take action, and most importantly inspire something great from within.

Morning Story and Dilbert posts stories that all teach a lesson. From love, to faith, and anything in between… And like the title suggests, they go great with a cup of coffee. I even started sending some of the stories out to my family they are so good.

Bucket List Publications proves that living life to the fullest can and should be accomplished at every opportunity. Follow Lesley Carter on her many adventures around the world.

Adopting James – when I began blogging, this is one of the first blogs I fell in love with. Andrew and Sarabeth Toy share with us their long and difficult road towards adopting a baby. I am adopted myself, and therefore fell into this blog as someone who can relate as I think about my own parents’ adoption story. In addition, they are Christians, creative, and inspiring.


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